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We support our files 10 days from the day of order.

We carry out the job as requested. If something is not feasible or problems arise, we will open a ticket. If you want more modifications than you specified, a new file service must be opened. It is not a tuning flatrate.

Then you have to order a new service. Invoices and your Files are max 1 Month available.

Support times:

We are not liable for damage to engine control units, consequential damage from tuning, shutdowns and the like. Our service is exclusively for professionals.

Tuner 1x1

- Stage 1 an easy optimization
- Stage 2 for diesel requires the removal of the DPF on some vehicles, otherwise it could be damaged.
- Egr OFF can cause DPF problems. In some countries, vehicles are not approved after they have been switched off.
- CVN Korektur is required in some countries in order to keep an approval in traffic
- DPF OFF, the DPF must be rested with the Orifile if possible and only then the mod can be imported. With some solutions, sensors must also be disconnected.
- TQ Monitor is the torque monitoring in the vehicle
- DTC OFF blocking errors normally does not suppress emergency operation.
- Crackles / Pops & Bangs are sometimes feasible in AC mode or only permanently.
- Vmax The Vmax can usually be removed in the engine control unit, but in some vehicles it is also in other control units